5 Creepy Photographs from the Internet that can’t be Explained

Since the launch of the World Wide Web in 1990, the internet has been a goldmine for images that aren’t 100% explainable. Some are so bizarre and without context that they are funny, but others are just plain creepy. Here are a few photographs that are so mysterious, they’ll send chills down your spine.

1.) The woman on the roof


Reddit likes to describes itself as “the front page of the Internet”, and this is pretty much the truth considering the massive amount of content posted there every single day. In May of 2018, user eWilliam posted this photograph with the caption “A friend went for a walk the other night and saw this woman just standing on the roof.” This strange photograph quickly amassed almost 89,000 Upvotes, with fellow users sharing various theories as to what the woman was doing up there. Some people believe the photo is staged or edited, while others became unnerved and shared their theories in an attempt to explain the image. eWilliam’s caption is pretty vague, which adds to the creepiness and he didn’t even respond to any questions from his fellow creeped out Redditors. Many people made light of the image, making reference to popular horror film It Follows and cracking jokes such as “meth is a hell of a drug”. Whatever is going on in this picture, you can’t deny it’s creepiness.

2.) The Black Knight


In 1998, NASA were documenting space debris when they snapped this photograph. Today, over 500,000 known pieces of space debris are tracked as they orbit planet Earth. So, why is this photograph so special? The image has been scrutinised by conspiracy theorists and UFO “experts” ever since it’s release, and many of those people believe that instead of a chunk of metal debris floating around in space, this is an ancient alien satellite over 13,000 years old. NASA rebukes those claims, and stated that the so-called “Black Knight Satellite” is a lost piece of space equipment, most probably a thermal blanket. Though never proven to be an alien satellite, this photograph remains famous in the world of the unknown.

3.) An unexpected visitor


Back to everybody’s favourite source for creepy images, Reddit, and we have another photograph that gained a lot of attention. In 2017, a user by the name of FatNDepressed posted this to the forum. Again, their vague caption added to the mystery: “Got a notification for my smart home app in the middle of the night saying ‘Your doorbell detected a visitor’.” With many people concerned for their safety upon looking at this creepy intruder, the post went viral and FatNDepressed was flooded with support and questions. Responding to the influx of attention, they said “Here’s an update/ extra info: Yes, this was real. Basically, i kept getting notifications on my app that my doorbell detected a visitor, yet when i checked the first few times nothing appeared, and figured it was maybe a stray dog or someone on the sidewalk being detected by the sensor. Several notifications later i checked again and this is what appeared. Yes I am alive” The terrified poster also provided a screenshot of their app notifications, proving that the incident lasted a least two days. Whether this is just a far-fetched prank or something more sinister, this is a truly unnerving event.

4.) Freddy’s Ghost


Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it’s hard not to intrigued by any would-be evidence. Perhaps one of the world’s most famous ghost photographs is that of the Goddard’s Squadron of 1919, a year after the first world war ended. A detailed analysis of the image by retired officer, Sir Victor Goddard, resulted in the ghost being spotted. Behind one of the soldiers, an extra ghostly face appears. This face was identified by Sir Goddard to be that of Freddy Jackson, a mechanic who had died two days earlier when he was tragically caught in an air-plane’s propellers. It is widely speculated that Freddy turned up to the group photograph anyway, as we see with this cheeky “photobomb”. While sceptics were quick to dispute the image’s authenticity, they also admitted that it would be immensely difficult to fake a photograph to such a high quality in the year of 1919. To this day, the picture has not been officially debunked.

5.) The robed worshipper


For years, trail-cams have been a great investment for landowners and hunters alike to track the wildlife in their surrounding area. Sometimes, however, they capture something totally unexplained. Take this image for example, taken in the summer of 2012. No context was provided by the person who captured the image, and we don’t know the location. The only thing clear is the figure seen in the background, who appears to be hunched over. Unfortunately, no video accompanies these mysterious images. The camera, which is motion activated, captured the images using infrared technology, remaining virtually undetected by anything that sets it off. According to the original poster, it was placed 5 miles from the nearest house and 10 miles from the nearest town. So why is a lone woman, wearing some sort of cloak, kneeling down in the middle of the forest? Some theories suggest it’s a member of the occult practising witchcraft. With such little information about this unnerving footage, it’s impossible to decipher it’s realness.

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