Delphi Murders: What happened to Liberty and Abigail?

On February 13th 2017, two young friends from Delphi, Indiana went for a walk along a popular hiking trail. Abigail Williams and Liberty German started their hike at around 1:45 p.m, after they were dropped off by Liberty’s older sister, Kelsi. The girls had a day off school, and took it as an opportunity to walk the scenic Delphi Historic Trails that they called home. Liberty “Libby” and Abigail “Abi” were best friends who knew the area well, and they planned to meet up with a family member later that afternoon. They set out and took several photographs at the scenic Monon High Bridge, a beautiful, abandoned bridge that stretches across Deer Creek. One photograph in particular shows Abigail walking across the bridge, and this would be the last photograph they would ever take. They were never seen alive again.

The hauntingly beautiful Monon High Bridge. [Image Source]

Just after 5 p.m., the girls were reported missing by their worried parents. Police originally believed that it was unlikely the girls had come to any harm, as they were last seen in an open area in broad daylight. As night crept in, however, panic washed over the whole of Delphi. In spite of extensive efforts to locate the missing girls, everyone’s worst fears were confirmed the next day. Abigail and Liberty were found just a half mile away from the bridge. Their bodies were found near a creek and although Police have not revealed how the girls died, they confirmed that this is a murder case.

A composite sketch of the murder suspect.
Another sketch of the suspect (L) A picture recovered from Liberty German’s phone (R).

So who committed such a shocking crime? It seems that Liberty German, the older of the victims, was trying to give us all a clue; She managed to record a video, revealing her killer’s voice. Furthermore, the grainy CCTV image above was found on Liberty’s phone, and Police believe that this man is the prime suspect. Had the girls realised this creep was following them, and taken the photograph as a precaution? It doesn’t bear thinking about. The two composite sketches above show what the suspect may look like. He is described as a white male, between 5ft 6″ to 5ft 10″, with reddish-brown hair. Daniel Nations, a registered sex offender, was believed to be the suspect, but he was officially dismissed as a person of interest. Despite the evidence, the murders remain unsolved.


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  1. I presume that the Delphi Historic Trails are a popular walking trail? If so, I can imagine the suspect waiting there and then seeing that the two girls were alone, abducted and murdered them.

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