The murder of Mark Kilroy

It was spring break in 1989, and University of Austin student Mark Kilroy was vacationing in Matamoros, Mexico, with some friends. Arriving with fellow Americans all excited for spring break, Mark began to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere and Mexico’s lax drinking laws, and partied well into the night. At some point, Mark and his friend... Continue Reading →


The sad case of the Lipstick Killer

North Kenmore Avenue is a much sought-after residential area in the city of Chicago, with a children's park surrounding the apartments and transport links within walking distance. It lies around the corner from a prestigious Catholic school and the uptown setting is popular with young families and elderly residents alike, it's safe atmosphere and cheap... Continue Reading →

The Pickaxe Muderess– Karla Faye Tucker

The childhood of Karla Faye Tucker was a turbulent one, with her parents' divorce overshadowing all the childhood joy she should have experienced. During divorce settlements, Karla discovered that she was the product of an affair and was not her father's child, a devastating blow for any 10-year-old. Two years later, she had already started... Continue Reading →

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